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Is passion even real?

I am in pain. I am being conflicted with the endless feeling of emptiness in my heart and I am also in dispute with the little whispers at the back of my mind reminding me that I am ORDINARY. Everyday, when I wake up, I automatically become sad. I am sad not because I am […]

Day 4 & 5: The Premiere of My Film and Anita Last Cha Cha

Ok, first of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to post the 4th and the last day of the festival immediately. I got caught up in a big pile of work and it took me sometime to get out of it. Day 4: So, as stated in the title, my film, […]

Honoring The Promises: President Thein Sein First and Last State of the Union Address

February 1st marked a new day for the Republic Union of Myanmar as the people in the country celebrated the re-opening of the parliament with the newly elected MPs, coming in_taking their rightful positions. So today I will dedicate this post to the previous government and to the future of Burma in the years to […]

A session with Mr. Sean Turnell: the Agricultural Reform (Part 1)

Last week, it was a profound pleasure and a great honour for me to have the opportunity to attend one of the classes of Mr. Sean Turnell at the Yangon School of Political Science. (This was taken at the end of the session at the Yangon School of Political Science) For those who do not […]

Myanmar: The Optimal Place for Business Students

Mandalay City, Myanmar During this short period of time (around 8 months) that I have been living in Myanmar, I was asked a considerable amount of times regarding the reasons why I chose to come to this golden land regardless of its many drawbacks and of course, my background. It has come as a surprise […]