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Day 4 & 5: The Premiere of My Film and Anita Last Cha Cha

Ok, first of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to post the 4th and the last day of the festival immediately. I got caught up in a big pile of work and it took me sometime to get out of it. Day 4: So, as stated in the title, my film, […]

Honoring The Promises: President Thein Sein First and Last State of the Union Address

February 1st marked a new day for the Republic Union of Myanmar as the people in the country celebrated the re-opening of the parliament with the newly elected MPs, coming in_taking their rightful positions. So today I will dedicate this post to the previous government and to the future of Burma in the years to […]

Day 2: Gay Safe Haven & Lesbian Fab Party

As I had expected, the excitement of the audiences during the second day of the &Proud Yangon LGBT Film Festival still remained high after the big opening day (Thursday 28th). I was so amazed with the first documentary of the day which directed by my new friend Su Su Hlaing called Love and Other Matters. The […]