Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra

Yesterday (January 22, 2016) was an exceptional day for the Japanese and Myanmar relationship, and of course, a wonderful day for me as well.

It was the day of the Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra Concert 2016.

Entrance of theatre.jpgEntrance of the Yangon National Theater

Within the great hall of the Yangon National Theatre, the concert, conducted by Mr. Yunosuke Yamamoto, was carried out in an impeccable sophisticated fashion with a suitable mixture of different types of symphony, blended the traditional melodies of the Myanmar folklores and the musical tones of the Western world together.

Opening.jpgBefore the show (Inside the theater)

Although I have very limited experience and very little interests in the classical music, the concert has bought out of within me the emotions that I did not aware I had.

As I closed my eyes and just let the sounds and rhythms travel through me, it was like I was turning over page-by-page of my old childhood album, traveling across the Caribbean Sea, and of course, experiencing a whole new Myanmar.

So, in short, I was fascinated and galvanized into studying more about and listening to classical music.

Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra

Empty Seats.jpg

Founded in 2011 by the Ministry of Information, in the past few years, the team was trained by many international conductors from all over the world including from USA, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, and Thailand. Among the team, some musicians were sent aboard for further training and were sent to perform in the stages all across Asia. In 2016, four musicians are awarded with a full scholarship in one university in Thailand. These chosen musicians will also collaborate with the French professionals and will carry out performances in Yangon, Mandalay and will later be honored by the presence of the King of Cambodia at the Angkor Wat stage.

Yamamoto.jpgMr. Yunosuke Yamamoto

If you missed out this concert you still can join another one in Nay Phi Daw on January 25, 2016.

Last but not least, I would l like to share the recording of the concert that I have made yesterday.


Please note that these recordings are not for commercial purpose or any other purposes other than personal entertainment.

Closing Ovation.jpg


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