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Day One: &Proud Yangon LGBT Film Festival 2016

Yesterday was my first big LGBTQ related event. Although I am a huge supporter of the community, I have never had the opportunity to join one before (maybe partially due to my country culture), and this first experience was both exceptional and unforgettable for me. It was exceptional not only because everything happening there was […]

A session with Mr. Sean Turnell: the Agricultural Reform (Part 1)

Last week, it was a profound pleasure and a great honour for me to have the opportunity to attend one of the classes of Mr. Sean Turnell at the Yangon School of Political Science. (This was taken at the end of the session at the Yangon School of Political Science) For those who do not […]

Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra

Yesterday (January 22, 2016) was an exceptional day for the Japanese and Myanmar relationship, and of course, a wonderful day for me as well. It was the day of the Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra Concert 2016. Entrance of the Yangon National Theater Within the great hall of the Yangon National Theatre, the concert, conducted by […]

Myanmar: The Optimal Place for Business Students

Mandalay City, Myanmar During this short period of time (around 8 months) that I have been living in Myanmar, I was asked a considerable amount of times regarding the reasons why I chose to come to this golden land regardless of its many drawbacks and of course, my background. It has come as a surprise […]